Shri. D.K. Mohan

Chairman - Cambridge Group of Institutions

Chairman’s Message

I am pleased to welcome you all to the Cambridge ICSE School. I know that this is a big day for your family and we are glad to have you here. We must view young people as candles to be lit. every moment is a stepping stone for our Cambrians. We believe in importing quality education to them and nurturing them with love, trust, bonding and faith, My sincere thanks goes to all parents who have entrusted their children in our core and have always been a strong support to the Cambridge family.

In fact, I am happy that we are able to make your dream come true by providing your children an excellent education in a world class environment. Our curriculum has been designed with an aim of preparing our students for life after school and also instilling knowledge that will help them grow into mature individuals with good values who are ready to face challenges as they step into adulthood.

Cambridge believes in making every student an active learner who can engage with his or her own learning process through various means such as: reading, writing and speaking; listening; critical thinking; problem solving etc…I am confident that with your guidance, hard work and dedication we will continue to grow from strength to strength as a nation !

We at Cambridge affirm in using learning as an opportunity for development not just for knowledge acquisition. We aim to create a learning environment which promotes self-actualization and encourages students to develop their full potential as human beings by developing their knowledge of themselves, their community and their environment.

Our school provides its students with an opportunity to experience new things through various activities like sports, music, dance, drama etc which helps them develop their talents while learning new skills which will be useful in future life. Also it gives them an opportunity to interact with other people from all over the world.

It is our desire that every student should be able to achieve his or her full potential through determination, hard work and effort coupled with good guidance from teachers and parents alike. We hope that each student would realize his/her full potential in life.>